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Maintaining Commercial Roofs for Steep Slope Roof Systemscommercial steep slope roof maintenance

What Do I Need to Know About Steep Slope Roofing? 

Commercial Steep Slope Roof SystemsWe typically see steep slope roofs on commercial buildings like large scale condominium complexes, schools, or even hospitals. A lot of these establishments will have shingles or steep slope materials.

For the most part, steep slope roofs do not require as much maintenance as a single ply or flat roof commercial roofing system, but it's still important to take preventative measures. We recommend checking the sealant around flashings and plumbing stacks and making sure the gutters are cleared out. 

In our experience, we've found that unit owners call us when they've identified a problem instead of calling us beforehand to do routine checks. Once a problem is identified, we're able to go out to really diagnose to find where the defect is. Our team of experts suggest having someone walk your steep slope commercial roof and make sure there is not a problem once or twice a year. By having commercial steep slope roofing maintenance done once or twice a year, you're able to avoid the complaint and save some money. 

The biggest problem we're able to identify during our routine maintenance checks is the drainage. If something backs up from a drainage standpoint, water can get in and infiltrate, do drywall damage, possibly saturate the insulation making that useless and has to be replaced. By taking preventative measures on your commercial property you're able to avoid these costly repairs. 

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