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Copper | WestSide RoofingCopper offers unique quality and personality as a roofing material. Its look can complement any style you’re looking for, from traditional to modern.

Copper Repair

West Side Roofing offers a complete line of copper repair services throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. This is a specialty service and our trained salesmen and foremen have the knowledge and experience to solve any size copper repair projects.

Process of Copper

Copper goes through a unique process where it creates a protective patina’ layer on the metal. Patina is the final light-green, blue-green color you see after the copper oxidizes. This natural process starts immediately when the copper is exposed to the environment thru natural oxidation. You will start to notice the patina color within the first six months of installation! By nine months, copper will turn into its new, natural, patina color.


Copper is great for flashing because of its strength, pliability, and great resistance against harsh weather. Copper has a very long service life. Since flashings are expensive to replace, copper’s longevity can be viewed as a cost saver.

West Side Roofing has experienced installers that work with copper on a weekly basis!

copper-gutterCopper Gutters / Downspouts

Copper is a great choice for gutters and downspouts because it makes strong leak-proof joints. Gutters and downspouts made with copper are made to outlast other metal materials and plastics.
Interested in one of our copper repair services? Contact West Side Roofing today!


Copper Use in Roofing

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