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Clean Guarantee Program

Clean Guarantee Program

Equipter in Action | West Side RoofingYour home is a sanctuary and when you are getting a new roof or having your roof repaired, that sanctuary is interrupted for a little while as you improve your home’s exterior. Isn’t it the worst when your interrupted after the job is complete by old or rusty nails in the yard? These can be dangerous for your children, pets, and you.

When you improve your home’s exterior, you want to be able to enjoy it. Roof replacements, new roof installations, and roofing repairs are often done in the spring, summer, and fall. These are the seasons you want to enjoy your landscaped yard with family and friends by the firepit, cornhole set, patio, or pool.

West Side Roofing’s Clean Guarantee Program

One of the challenges in the roofing industry is cleaning up debris on the job. West Side believes doing this as you go is the best route to a clean work space and a clean job when all is said and done.

Our Clean Guarantee program is this: If you find any leftover debris from a West Side Roofing job, you can call us up and we will go back to your site and clean up. Guaranteed.

Still not satisfied? Call again, we promise to clean up your job site.

A Final Walkthrough of the Property

Our crew always performs a final walkthrough of the property in full with magnets and bins designed to attract any leftover nails or debris if it was missed along the way.

However, with West Side’s jobs all over the Greater Cleveland area, we rarely find nails, metal, or objects when we do our final walkthrough. How does West Side Roofing avoid the buildup of debris over the course of our jobs?

The Power of the Equipter in Job Cleanup for Roofing

The Power of the EquipterHow can roofing debris be disposed of without causing damage to the house and landscaping? The Equipter RB4000 is the answer and it’s one of the most powerful and valuable pieces of equipment in roofing.

When it comes to roofing, especially commercial roof jobs, things are never in a straight line. Many homes and buildings have unique shapes, windows, dormers, chimneys, and more that make each roof different. In addition to the quirkiness of many roofs, there’s also the property to consider.

A New Roof No Mess® System

The Equipter 4000 is basically a large trash bin designed for roofers and their jobs. The design allows our crew to remove tons of roofing debris safely without destroying your flowerbeds, shrubbery and landscaping. This saves your landscaping and saves the roofer the messy cleanup on the ground.

With wood panel additions to easily slide old shingles and debris into the metal container, roofers can easily maneuver this equipment and raise the unit to roof level to catch all the debris at the source. It lifts up to 12 feet and comes with a 4-foot roll-back feature made to position the container up and over flower beds, bushes, or exterior home features that need to be kept safe.

Call West Side Roofing today for a roofer that leaves no mess, every time. It’s our guarantee! Call at 1-877-881-7663 or contact us today.


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