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Introducing the Equipter!


In the past, the question has been, “How can roofing debris be disposed of without causing damage to the house and landscaping?”. It was this question that led to the development of the Equipter RB4000 Roofers Buggy!

The Equipter is designed to remove tons of roofing debris safely without destroying your flowerbeds, shrubbery and landscaping. Roofing contractors can easily maneuver the Equipter and raise the unit to roof level to catch all the debris at the source. This saves your landscaping and saves the roofer the messy cleanup on the ground. You also don’t have to worry about where shingles and roofing nails fall on the ground because it’s caught at roof level.


The heart of the New Roof No Mess® system is to give home owners a service that protects their property and family, with a roof that will keep them dry for years to come. When all is said and done, the outcome is a new roof that has been neatly and efficiently accomplished without any unnecessary damage to your home’s landscape, belongings or structure. The New Roof No Mess® system is the safest way to re-roof. Without the danger of falling debris, you can rest assured less accidents will happen when getting your roof redone. Hiring a roofer that can offer a New Roof With No Mess is a wise choice and assures homeowners that their money will not be wasted on unnecessary clean up costs.

Equipter Equipter


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