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Problems with your home's exterior are rarely limited to your roof. Siding, gutters, windows, and doors also require repair and maintenance to avoid small issues from becoming big problems. The trouble is the difficulty in getting all of those needs addressed at once, as working with multiple contractors and work crews can cause unneeded stress and anxiety.

If you're faced with having to address multiple problems with your home's exterior, worry no longer; West Side Roofing is your one stop shop for any and all of your home exterior needs. We recognized long ago that customers looking for roofing contractors in Strongsville, Ohio weren't just in need of roofing. That's why we've expanded our services over the years to help our customers knock out all of their home exterior problems in one project. This variety of service has no doubt helped us earn some of the best customer services ratings of any company offering roofing in Strongsville.

The Variety We Offer

We understand that when addressing your roofing problems, you're more open to also look at other areas that might be in need of maintenance or an upgrade. At West Side Roofing, we offer the following home exterior services:

  • Siding: Regular vinyl siding typically needs to be replaced every 7-15 years. If your home's current wood cladding is in need of replacement, siding also offers a significant upgrade in terms of functionality and energy efficiency, as well as in giving your home a vibrant new look.
  • Gutters: Cleaning and/or replacing old gutters is important in keeping water from leaking through your roofing material or into your home's walls through exterior cladding or siding. Once gutters have been cleaned, you may want to also consider gutter protection to help keep them free of leaves and other debris.
  • Specialty services: Roofing issues aren't limited to residences and office buildings. Churches, schools, and other specialty buildings all present unique challenges, and thus require a roofing contractor trained in dealing with such issues.

Take Advantage of Our Variety

We're here to help you with both residential and professional roofing services, as well as siding, gutter, and specialty roofing. Of all of the Strongsville roofers available to you, we hope you'll trust us at West Side Roofing with all of your home exterior needs. Visit our Contact page or call us at 216.898.1900 for more info. .fl-post-content

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West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers

Established in 1931, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for 42 Municipalities in Northeast Ohio.

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