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Durable Commercial Roofing for All of Northeast Ohio

We continue our video series with the video below. Watch to learn about our commercial work and the areas of Cleveland served by West Side Roofing (licensed in 42 municipalities). *below is a transcription of the video.

Servicing Northeast Ohio with 87 Years of Experience.

Because of our name, West Side Roofing, many think that we only service the west side of Cleveland, but we serve Cleveland's east side as well. We're located on West 130th in Brook Park, but we pretty much service all of northeast Ohio. That's from Port Clinton to Ashtabula, down through Akron and Canton. We've actually done some larger projects in the northern Columbus area, too. Northeast Ohio is our primary stomping grounds for for roof activity.

Commercial Roofing in Cleveland, OH for Recreational Facilities

This series of photos shows a recreation field for one of the municipalities in the Cleveland area. This is a standing seam roof and the panels are manufactured. It is a 24 gauge steel. They're pre-made panels that are retrofitted to this building. The underlayment on this building is a high-temp Ice Guard because of extreme heat that goes up on a metal roof in the summer. We were able to flash the units, those are box exhaust vents. There is a ridge vent at the peak and a new gutter system is tied in with the building. This completes the fully retrofitted roofing system for this recreation center.

A Durable, Low Maintenance, Commercial Roofing System

Breaking down the roof system, it's basically like a puzzle – you take all the parts and components and they work together with that underlayment. The underlayment is really key for the Northeast Ohio region because of the extreme rain, ice, and snow that we get up here. This is a very good system. Though the kynar finish could be wearing out down the road, but it does carry a 20 year warranty on the finish itself. Then you could re-paint in the 30 to 40 year range.

Straight Sided Roof Structure Saves on Labor Costs

When you have a straight sided structure, like this building, it makes things pretty efficient for the labor to put the metal panels down. So this takes down the cost, although it is still more expensive than basic shingles.

New Cleveland Winery's Roofing System.

New Roof System for Easy Side Winery (Cleveland, OH)

This East Side Winery in Cleveland is beautiful. It has all the panels on the vertical wall as an accent point. This is during construction at the eve of the roof will the gutter will go, we did add in a snow rail system. For a steep slope roof like this, you get some sliding of snow and ice in the winter. To avoid the obvious safety concerns here, there's two rails that would be put up; One towards the three foot above the gutter and then a little bit higher than that.

Beautifully Built Roof That Stands the Test of Time

With that guard rail up, any snow or ice that begins to slide, will be caught. It adds a beautiful look to the building and is super clean. This roof (metal slate) is little bit more expensive than shingles, but you're getting a roof that is long lasting. This roof also carries a 20-year warranty on the finish itself.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Gain Popularity

Chris Spacek actually just built a garage on his property and used a standing seam metal, to achieve that different look (shown in the Winery above). He loves it. Metal roofs are applicable in the private sector, residential areas, and commercial property. This look and material is gaining popularity. West Side roofing has a full staff that does this metal roofing (out of our 80 or so guys that are working on a daily basis). We have two full crews right now that can do metal. We also do flat roofing.

If you want to learn more, need a new roof, or maybe replace your current roofing system, call West Side Roofing. We truly are a full-service roofing contracting company with our own crews and friendly faces. Contact us today or call at (877) 881-ROOF (7663). .fl-post-content Posted in Commercial Roofing, Roofing

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West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers
West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers

Established in 1931, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for 42 Manicipalities in Northeast Ohio.

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