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Category: Roof Repair

The Top Reasons Not to Delay Roof Repairs

By West Side Roofing
January 08, 2018 Category: Roof Repair

The Top Reasons Not to Delay Roof Repairs As your homes first line of defense against the changing elements, its important to have reputable roofers address your roofing problems. Whether its a simple leak or major structural damage, immediate repairs are key to preventing further damage. West Side Roofing, the leading local roofing contractor, shares three excellent reasons not to delay roofing repairs: It Can Worsen the Problem Constant exposure to harsh weather conditions like wind, rainand snow can have a cumulative effect on your roof. With winters freezing temperatures, its even more urgent to resolve issues as soon as they ariseas your home can be susceptible to extensive water damage. You can turn to West Side Roofing for emergency repairs and assistance. It Costs More Solving roofing problems in their infancy can also help you save money. This is because smaller repairs require less materials and labor, which means they cost less. We recommend conducting regular maintenance

Tips on Preparing for a Roof Repair

By West Side Roofing
December 07, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Tips on Preparing for a Roof Repair When the constant exposure to harsh elements has taken its toll on your roofs performance, repairing the system is inevitable. You have to deal with the minor and major issues at some point. With careful preparation, you can ensure quick and reliable fixes from your roofers. Here are a few essential tips: Look for a Reputable Contractor Dont let amateurs handle the task for you. Hire roofing companies with the right credentials. The experts have the proper understanding of how the system works, so they can easily spot leaks and other underlying issues. Leaving the job in the hands of a professional can also eliminate the risks of botched repairs, which can invalidate your roofs warranty and still leave you with a damaged roof. Set a Reasonable Budget Ask yourself how much money youre willing to spend on this project. Are there enough resources to proceed with the construction? How much time will the project take to finish? Its also important to

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Roofing System Reliable - Part 2: Scheduling Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance - West Side Roofing

By West Side Roofing
November 10, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Roofing System Reliable Part 2: Scheduling Regular Roof Inspections and Maintenance Every roofing job needs to begin with a thorough inspection as this is the only way for your roofer to determine what issues are plaguing your system and to what extent they run. And even when you dont suspect anything is wrong, you should schedule a roof inspection just the same to ensure that there are no unforeseen issues and that you stem potential ones from even developing. When to Have Your Roof Inspected? At a minimum, a roof needs to be inspected twice a year. Ideally, the inspections would be evenly spaced apart, scheduled once every six months, but you can also have it scheduled every spring and fall to take on damage that may have occurred during the harsh winter months and to prepare for the coming cold season. Whatever schedule you come up with, its more important to make sure that it is regularly carried out. Aside from scheduling regular inspections, however,

The Risks of DIY Roof Repair

By West Side Roofing
November 10, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

The Risks of DIY Roof Repair DIY projects are a common trend nowadays, especially since homeowners are doing everything they can to cut back on their expenses. Its gotten to the point where they may even think professionals are unnecessarily expensive. While this isnt a bad idea, not all projects around the home should be done by yourself, especially when it comes to your roof. West Side Roofing, one of the top roofers in the area, advises against DIY roof repairs. Heres why: Improper Repairs The roof over your home has an important job, namely, protecting your home and your family from the harsh elements. For that reason, its important to ensure that your roof is always in top shape. This means providing regular maintenance and the proper solutions. Professionals have the training and experience to not only restore your roofs condition, but also improve its performance. An untrained homeowner, on the other hand, might worsen the problem, leading to more extensive issues and costly

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Roofing System Reliable - Part 1: Getting Prompt Roof Repairs

By West Side Roofing
November 06, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Roofing System Reliable Part 1: Getting Prompt Roof Repairs Probably the primary course of action that you can take to protect your roof from total destruction is to perform needed repairs as soon as possible. Unless your roof is brand new and has never gone through severe weather, then it will likely need repairs due to damage caused by day-to-day wear and tear. If you experience the following signs, it may be time to call your roofing contractor and schedule some repairs: Water leaks Perhaps the most obvious sign that a roof will need repairs is roof leaks. However, not all leaks are obvious. In fact, some leaks dont even leave water marks on the ceiling or attic flooring. However, they worsen over time, with damage building up until youre suddenly dealing with roof failure because continuous moisture exposure has gotten the better of your roofing system. Missing, loose or damaged shingles If the roof has missing, loose or damaged shingles, these will

The Dangers of a Leaky Roofing System

By Westside Roofing
July 11, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

The Dangers of a Leaky Roofing System Leaks are arguably the most troublesome problems youll encounter with your roof. The risk actually stems from how deceptive they are; small leaks are difficult to spot and can quickly grow. Today, West Side Roofing Co. discusses the dangers of leaky roofing and how to address them properly. Small Leaks Need Immediate Repair As previously highlighted, a small leak can rapidly grown in size due to a combination of heat and existing moisture damage. Its even riskier if the leak is somewhere that you cant see on the surface level, such as when its located in the inner part of the roofing structure. It might seem like a waste spending money repairing a leak of insignificant size, but the cost of repairing a bigger leak is often triple that of preventive repair. Letting the leak grow in size encourages moisture to damage the structure of the roof. Our roofing contractors are skilled in identifying leaks and problem areas and addressing them before

Keep Your Roof Leak-Free: Reminders from Roofing Contractors

By Westside Roofing
June 19, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Keep Your Roof Leak-Free: Reminders from Roofing Contractors Your roof is your primary protection from the elements. That means it should be structurally sound to prevent water from entering the house when it rains. If your roof has a leak, have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid bigger damage. Its even better if you can keep the roof leak-free. Roofers have some suggestions to do just that: Check for Broken Shingles. Broken shingles are one of the signs that your roof may be compromised. If you notice a piece of a shingle blown away from the roof, that means your roof may not be holding up well against strong winds and rain. This calls for a thorough inspection to check if you only need to replace the shingles or if you already have a leak problem underneath it. Contact us if a storm has just passed by your area, so we can inspect for storm damage and do the necessary repairs. Keep Gutters Clean. Gutters direct rainwater away from the roof to avoid ponding or pooling. If your

How We Keep Our Roof Replacement Projects Debris-Free

By Westside Roofing
March 22, 2017 Category: Roofing, Roof Repair

How We Keep Our Roof Replacement Keeping the work area free of debris during roofing replacement is not often discussed, but as professional roofers, we believe its a topic worth mentioning. Ill-prepared roofers often neglect the surrounding work areas and end up with anything from loose nails to damaged landscaping that result in untimely landscaping expenses. At West Side Roofing, however, we are aware of and are prepared for such contingencies. Heres how. Issues With Roofing Teardown The real work begins with a complete teardown. The old roofing nails and all is pushed off the roof deck using special shovels, and then pushed off the roofs edge straight onto the back of a dump truck, space permitting. In other areas, debris is pushed straight to the ground. While canvas, tarpaulin, or some other protective sheet typically protects the work area, its often insufficient to protect the landscaping. Sometimes even uncovered windows would get damaged. Professional Roofing Debris Disposal Preventing

Preparing For a Roof Repair

By Westside Roofing
February 07, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Maintaining your roof regularly is important as it helps prolong its service life. That said, constant exposure to the elements will eventually wear down your roof and warrant much needed repairs. Before you start repairing your roof, however, its essential to make the necessary preparations. West Side Roofing, GAF Master Elite roofing contractors in Parma, Ohio, discusses the things you should do when preparing for roof repair. Hire a Professional Roof Contractor Repairing your own roof requires having the right tools and sufficient experience to do it, and even then, doing it on your own can put you at risk. An efficient way to handle this is to hire trustworthy roofers, such as us, to inspect your roof. We have the tools, experience, and training to conduct efficient roof repairs. Determine the Extent of the Damage Professional Cleveland roofing contractors like us can check your roof to see how much damage it has already sustained. This will give you an idea of how much work

Things That Can Degrade Your Roof

By West Side Roofing
December 29, 2016 Category: Roof Repair

Your roof plays a key role in protecting your home from the elements. That said, there are many things that can damage and affect its performance. West Side Roofing, one of the trusted GAF Master Elite roofers in Parma, Ohio, can help you deal with some of the things that can compromise your roof. They include: Trees Tree limbs may fall on your roof due to various factors, such as strong winds, heavy snow or ice. Meanwhile, rot can also cause tree limbs to fall off. Taking proactive measures is necessary, including checking and removing branches and limbs that can potentially break off. Roof Debris Leaves, pine needles, and other form of debris, that litter your roof can render its reflective surface inefficient. This can also trap moisture and heat underneath the shingles and cause them to deteriorate over time. Cleaning your roof regularly will allow moisture and heat to escape your attic. At the same time, it will help keep your roofs reflective qualities efficient. Animals Wood

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