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The Risks of DIY Roof Repair

DIY projects are a common trend nowadays, especially since homeowners are doing everything they can to cut back on their expenses. It's gotten to the point where they may even think professionals are unnecessarily expensive. While this isn't a bad idea, not all projects around the home should be done by yourself, especially when it comes to your roof.

The RIsks of DIY Roof Repair | West Side Roofing

West Side Roofing, one of the top roofers in the area, advises against DIY roof repairs. Here's why:

Improper Repairs

The roof over your home has an important job, namely, protecting your home and your family from the harsh elements. For that reason, it's important to ensure that your roof is always in top shape. This means providing regular maintenance and the proper solutions. Professionals have the training and experience to not only restore your roof's condition, but also improve its performance. An untrained homeowner, on the other hand, might worsen the problem, leading to more extensive issues and costly repairs.

Safety Concerns

Any form of roofing task is an inherently dangerous activity, so even if you only need to make small repairs, simply hauling heavy materials up a ladder and walking on your roof poses a safety hazard. Unless you have the right safety equipment and training, it's best to leave this task to roofing professionals.

Voided Warranty

Most roofing warranties cover manufacturing defects and labor for a specified period of time. Performing DIY repairs, however, can cut your protection short as warranties often have a fine print that voids them if someone other than a certified roofing professional performs work on the roof. This is to protect against damage from botched roof jobs.

Protect your roofing system and your home by turning to West Side Roofing. We can offer you quality roofs installed by our specially trained team for superior performance and longevity. We serve areas in Ohio including Cleveland, Parma, Akron, and the surrounding OH communities. Call us today at (216) 245-1050 to get a free roofing quote. 

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roof damage repair from recent storms Was your roof damaged from the recent storms? West Side Roofing offers Roof Repair Services. If your roof was damaged by the storms that passed through the Akron / Medina area, West Side Roofing can help! Weare licensed, bonded, and insured for 42 Municipalities in Northeast Ohio. We have over 90 years of experience repairing home and commercial business roofs that have been affected by storm damage. Roof Repair Services in Medina County Our first step when it comes to roof repair is to always asses the roof, including the wood underneath the shingles, so we know if we have to replace it or not. Our team is ready to assess your roof after our most recent storms. Contact Us If your roof has been affected by a recent storm or you have any questions about our storm damage and emergency roof repair services, contact us at West Side Roofing today! You can also learn more about our company and our unique services by watching more videos like this

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