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Common questions about roof repair and replacement | West Side Roofing | Cleveland, OhioCommon Questions About Roof Repair/Replacement | Cleveland, Ohio

There are a lot of questions and concerns we, at West Side Roofing, receive from customers all the time. Our job is to make you feel as informed and as comfortable as possible with the process of you getting your new roof or roof repair! This is why we are taking the time to answer the three most common question we are asked from homeowners!

1) How Do You Protect the Home During a Roof Repair or Replacement?


Equipter and tarp protect your home | Cleveland, Ohio | West Side RoofingRoof replacement or repair is an invasive project. Your home is technically a construction site for the time that we are there. There can be multiple hazards such as nails or debris falling from the roof. This is why we take every precaution to ensure you know, and our team knows how to be safe during the process. 

When we come in, we set up tarps around the site and sometimes even inside the home. We do warn the customer ahead of time that particle debris can drop into the attic depending on how your roof decking is set up. So, the tarps act as an extra layer of protection to you and your home.

Keeping a Clean Workspace:

During and after the project, we come in with our equipter, which is a mobile trash unit that collects all of the debris from the site.

In addition, we use giant rolling magnates. These pick up any missed nails or other metal parts like that. We run the magnates about three times a day to make sure we are keeping you and our team safe!

2) What Happens if the Weather Changes While You are Tearing Off the Roof?

We are constantly checking the weather to make sure that we have good weather for the project. We weeks before, days before, and even the morning and day of, every three hours to make sure we won't be interrupted by weather. 

If we do run into inclement weather, we always keep you informed and work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.

3) Do You Have Your Own Employees/ or do You Subcontract? Do You Have Your Own Equipment, or Do you Rent?

West Side Roofing was established almost 90 years ago. Ever since the beginning, we have had our own employees, and many of our current employees have been with us for many years!

Likewise, we do have all of our own equipment. As we have all been with West Side Roofing for such a long time, we have grown accustomed to our machinery and know the ins and outs of each of our process and equipment!

If you have any other questions, including other ways West Side Roofing can help protect you, your family, and your home while we repair or replace your roof, contact us today!

Common questions about roof repair and replacement | West Side Roofing | Cleveland, Ohio

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