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Roof Maintenance - Extending Your Roofing System's Life - West Side Roofing

By Westside Roofing
June 20, 2018 Category: Warranty, Roofing

Roof Maintenance Extending Your Roofing Systems Life Every roof has an expected life span, with some lasting longer than others. Once it gets to the end of its life, even major repairs wont help much. While theres not a lot you can do with an old roof, professionalroofersknow proactive maintenance can make the roof last a long time. We take a closer look at how keeping a roof in good shape can extend its lifespan. Cleanliness Counts The most basic form of proactive roof maintenance is simply keeping the roof free of any debris buildup. This is especially true when it comes to roofing near areas with plenty of trees, where a flat roofing design is bound to accumulate leaves. Keeping the roof clean prevents water from pooling, minimizing the risk of moisture damage throughout the roofs lifespan. The Effect of Repairs The main reasonroofersrecommend prompt roof repairs is because problems, such as leaks or structural damage, get worse the longer they are neglected. A commercial roof

West Side Roofing Wins GAF’s 2017 President’s Club Award

By Westside Roofing
August 02, 2017 Category: GAF, About Us

West Side Roofing Wins GAFs 2017 Presidents Club Award West Side Roofing is one of the few GAF Master Elite roofing companies in Cleveland, OH, and we recently won GAFs Prestigious Presidents Club Award. The highly coveted award is given to only a few that GAF recognizes as the elite of the elite roofing contractors in the country. Prestigious Presidents Club Award To qualify for this prestigious award, a roofer needs to meet specific criteria in at least one out of three pathways the Performance Pathway, Reliability Pathway, and Service Pathway. Were proud to say that we go the award through the Performance Pathway, which means we put our focus on giving property owners like you the best possible service, quality, and protection that you deserve. What Does This Mean For You? As roofing contractors, we believe that assisting customers with financing and offering the strongest workmanship and manufacturer warranties are very important. Our focus on performance on every project means

Increase Home Comfort Levels With GAF’s Timberline® Shingles

By Westside Roofing
July 25, 2017 Category: GAF, Warranty

Increase Home Comfort Levels With GAFs Timberline Shingles This summer, your main goal is to increase your homes comfort levels as the temperature rises. As one of the few GAF Master Elite roofers in the Cleveland area, West Side Roofing Co. offers GAFs Timberline Cool Series Shingles engineered to keep your home cool and lower your energy costs. We discuss the benefits of this revolutionary shingle system. Shingles With Greater Reflectance Value The strength of GAFs Cool Series Shingles are the special granules uniquely formulated with better reflective properties, reflecting light and lowering your roofs temperature. Because of the shingles greater reflectance value, heat transfer from the roof to the rest of your home is minimal, and this means you dont need to crank up the AC just to cool your living spaces all the time. Cool Shingles With Cool Colors Our roofers always recommend Timberline Cool Series Shingles since the color coating is also cool. There are three colors to

What’s The Perfect Color For Your Roofing?

By Westside Roofing
July 18, 2017 Category: Roofing Material

Whats The Perfect Color For Your Roofing? Your roofing contributes to around 40% of your homes frontage. The right color can really bring out the aesthetic appeal of your homes largest structure, so its important that you pick the right one. In this post, West Side Roofing Co. discusses how to pick the perfect color for your roof. Shingle Color and Architectural Style As a general rule, make sure the color for your shingles should be appropriate to your homes architectural design. Some roof colors only apply to a certain home design, after all. Mediterranean-style homes, for example, look better with orange color roofing. If you have a brick house, our roofers suggest you base your roofing color on that. The color of your roofing can be changed, but not the bricks. The roofing color should blend well with the color of your brick. Know When to Get Dark or Light Colored Roofing Light colored roofing is generally the better choice, because lighter colors reflect sunlight while darker

The Dangers of a Leaky Roofing System

By Westside Roofing
July 11, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

The Dangers of a Leaky Roofing System Leaks are arguably the most troublesome problems youll encounter with your roof. The risk actually stems from how deceptive they are; small leaks are difficult to spot and can quickly grow. Today, West Side Roofing Co. discusses the dangers of leaky roofing and how to address them properly. Small Leaks Need Immediate Repair As previously highlighted, a small leak can rapidly grown in size due to a combination of heat and existing moisture damage. Its even riskier if the leak is somewhere that you cant see on the surface level, such as when its located in the inner part of the roofing structure. It might seem like a waste spending money repairing a leak of insignificant size, but the cost of repairing a bigger leak is often triple that of preventive repair. Letting the leak grow in size encourages moisture to damage the structure of the roof. Our roofing contractors are skilled in identifying leaks and problem areas and addressing them before

GAF Warranties: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

By Westside Roofing
July 04, 2017 Category: GAF, Warranty

GAF Warranties: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers West Side Roofing Co. is one of the few GAF Master Elite roofing contractors in Cleveland, Ohio. This coveted title gives allows us to offer our customers GAFs top-of-the-line roofing systems on top of professional services. Working with our team also allows you to take advantage of the strongest roofing warranties in the industry. Here, we answer your frequently asked question about GAFs warranties. Q: Why Should I Get a Warranty? The warranty is basically what protects your new roofing system from things beyond your control, such as material and workmanship defects. Theres little chance that youll have a problem with your GAF roofing, but its always better to be safe than sorry. If you were to have a problem with your roof, after all, its going to end up costing a lot without a warranty. Q: What Coverages Should I Look For? There are two types of roofing coverage: material and workmanship coverage. Some warranties only offer

Women Who Trust GAF Can Trust West Side Roofing, Too

By Westside Roofing
June 26, 2017 Category: GAF, About Us

Women Who Trust GAF Can Trust West Side Roofing, Too As the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, GAF has proven its quality products time and again. And with it receiving the Womens Choice Award for the fifth consecutive year, its only proving that its quality has not failed females all over North America. Youll benefit from GAF-certified roofers because you know they follow GAFs commitment to providing quality services. Those Controlling 80% of the U.S. Spending Market Cant be Wrong GAF is the choice of women in terms of customer satisfaction, as determined by a survey showing extraordinary recommendations for the company. Nine out of ten participants mentioned being extremely satisfied and they will recommend GAF to friends and family. With such a reputation, GAF takes care not to associate itself with roofers who do not offer quality services. As a GAF-certified Master Elite contractor, we exercise the same level of commitment to our services as GAF itself. GAF Certification

Keep Your Roof Leak-Free: Reminders from Roofing Contractors

By Westside Roofing
June 19, 2017 Category: Roof Repair

Keep Your Roof Leak-Free: Reminders from Roofing Contractors Your roof is your primary protection from the elements. That means it should be structurally sound to prevent water from entering the house when it rains. If your roof has a leak, have it fixed as soon as possible to avoid bigger damage. Its even better if you can keep the roof leak-free. Roofers have some suggestions to do just that: Check for Broken Shingles. Broken shingles are one of the signs that your roof may be compromised. If you notice a piece of a shingle blown away from the roof, that means your roof may not be holding up well against strong winds and rain. This calls for a thorough inspection to check if you only need to replace the shingles or if you already have a leak problem underneath it. Contact us if a storm has just passed by your area, so we can inspect for storm damage and do the necessary repairs. Keep Gutters Clean. Gutters direct rainwater away from the roof to avoid ponding or pooling. If your

Shingles That Fit Your Design and Budget Requirements

By Westside Roofing
June 12, 2017 Category: Roofing Material

Shingles That Fit Your Design and Budget Requirements Your choice of roofing will depend on several factors. Two of the most important considerations are your budget and the protection the roof is able to provide. Though style is often not associated with this part of the house, roofing contractors like us want to make a difference. As a GAF Master Elite contractor, we provide you options that are stylish, strong, and affordable. Affordable 3-Tab Shingles Not all homeowners have the money to splurge on designer shingles that will make their roof really stand out. This doesnt mean youre stuck with a roof that looks like it came from the bargain store. GAFs affordable 3-tab shingles are the ideal type for those looking for quality and good protection without having to spend too much. Stylish Timberline Shingles For the perfect combination of protection and beauty, GAFs Timberline shingles are the recommended choice. Its easy to see the difference these shingles can make for your roof

West Side Roofing: The Company You Can Trust

By Westside Roofing
June 05, 2017 Category: About Us

West Side Roofing: The Company You Can Trust West Side Roofing is a trusted name when it comes to roofing projects in Ohio. We are the only roofing contractorto have served the Ohio area continuously for decades and we continue to offer quality services. Both new and old clients enjoy quality services and rely on us for our expertise. Several things set us apart from other roofers in Ohio: Years of Experience and Commitment We have over 150 years of combined experience and commitment as a roofing contractor in Ohio. Not many companies can boast of getting the trust that keeps propelling their company forward, but we can. If our clients didnt trust us, we wouldnt be here today to offer our services. We take pride in continuously improving our services so our clients will always be satisfied and will not look for anyone else to handle their roofs. Continuous Maintenance Programs Because we install roofs that last for a long time, we dont expect our clients to call us needing re-roofing

GAF Wins Its 5th Women’s Choice Award

By Westside Roofing
May 25, 2017 Category: GAF

GAF Wins Its 5th Womens Choice Award GAF has won the Womens Choice Award for the fifth consecutive year based on excellent survey scores including customer rating and overall quality. As a GAF Master Elite contractor, Westside Roofing Co. continues this tradition of being highly recommended roofers by our female customers. A Commitment to Outstanding Service and Quality The Womens Choice Award is a recognition that GAF and its Master Elite contractors, like ourselves, are committed to providing outstanding service and quality to all of our customers. As a company, our goal is to exceed our customer expectations. This manifests on all our roofing projects, whether its simple repair or a new installation. Our team of roofers work hard without cutting corners, making sure we do the job right the first time around. Simplifying Your Life The mission of the Womens Choice award is to simplify her life by recognizing brands that are tried, tested, and highly recommended by women. From roofing

4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof

By Westside Roofing
May 18, 2017 Category: Commercial Roofing

4 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Commercial Roof The roofing covering your commercial property boasts a higher durability and longer lifespan than its residential counterparts, but this doesnt make it immune from damage. Generally, commercial roofing problems necessitate repair, but there are times when a full replacement is necessary. West Side Roofing Co. discusses the four tell-tale signs its time to replace your roof. Damaged Roof Membrane The easiest way to tell is if theres considerable and irreparable damage to the roof membrane. Strong winds or storm damage will eventually cause severe uplifting on your roof membrane. Assess the extent of the uplifting; if its 25% or more or if you actually see large bald spots on the membrane, then you need it replaced. Left unattended, rainwater will eventually do considerable damage to the roofing and the attic itself. Considerable Wear and Tear on the Roof Deck Another part of your roofing to take a good look at is the roof deck. Continuing

Storm Damage And Your Roof

By Westside Roofing
May 04, 2017 Category: Storm Damage

Storm Damage And Your Roof Not too long ago, powerful winds causing widespread road blockages and property damage hit northeast Ohio. This isnt new, but as a homeowner, the damage it can bring to your homes roofing is something you cant ignore. West Side Roofing Co. discusses what you need to know about storm damage and your roofing. The Signs Arent Always Obvious Checking your roofing once a storm passes you by should be a routine, but the signs that your roof was damaged may not exactly be easy to spot. In fact, most storm damage symptoms arent as obvious as a missing shingle or one thats lying on the ground. Our roofing contractors recommend a look at your homes interior spaces as well. What you need to watch out for are water stains on your attic or ceiling. These are signs of storm damage on your roof. Check Your Roofing Accessories Storms and strong winds can damage more than just your shingles. For example, if you have any roof vents, flashings, or exhaust caps, inspect them

What’s in Your Roof? The Most Important Roof Parts - West Side Roofing

By Westside Roofing
April 26, 2017 Category: Roofing Material

Whats in Your Roof? The Most Important Roof Parts Your homes roofing is the most important structure of your house barring the actual foundation. It protects you from the elements and keeps your living space comfortable. But do you know what parts make up your roofing? West Side Roofing Co. discusses the most important parts of your roofing and their roles. Tiles and Shingles The tiles and shingles of your roofing are the first things youll see on your roof. Its more than just aesthetics thoughits the outermost barrier of the roof and the frontline defense against the elements. You can assess the general state and health of your roofing when you look at the tiles and shingles. Most homes boast asphalt tiles and slate shingles. Theyre the classic choice for many homeowners, but they do live up to modern standards. Our slate roofing, for example, is weather-resilient and durable and can last up to 70 years or more with proper care. The Roof Underlayment Underneath your tiles and shingles

Solar Reflectance Index: The Guide to Choosing a Cool Roof

By Westside Roofing
April 26, 2017 Category: Roofing

Solar Reflectance Index: The Guide to Choosing a Cool Roof Installing a cool roof can cut your energy costs while contributing toward a better environment. By lessening the demand for energy, it decreases carbon emissions that cause pollution. Furthermore, it doesnt store as much thermal energy as an ordinary roof. As a result, it minimizes urban heat island effect, which affects air and water quality of the surrounding communities. Choosing the right cool roof for your home greatly depends on your local climate. You can determine through Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). West Side Roofing, one of the top roofers, explains further. What Is Solar Reflectance Index? The SRI is a measure of the roofs ability to repel solar heat, as shown by a small temperature increase. It defines that the standard black is 0, which is most likely to absorb heat. The standard white is 100, which is most likely to reflect heat. For instance, the standard black has a temperature increase of 90 when exposed

4 Common Areas Where Roof Leaks Develop - West Side Roofing

By Westside Roofing
April 13, 2017 Category: Roofing

4 Common Areas Where Roof Leaks Develop Your roof will sustain damage over time, resulting in leaks. When left neglected, this may turn into a more serious problem that may compromise your homes structural integrity. Its important to maintain your roofs top condition to safeguard your overall home for years to come. This will also spare you from costly repairs or early replacements. West Side Roofing, the roofing expert, shares four areas where leaks usually develop: Shingles. Missing, curling, cracking, and discolored shingles can put your roofs underlayment and sheathing at risk. Meanwhile, granule buildup in the gutters indicates that the shingles are already losing their efficiency. When you detect any of these issues, make sure to address them immediately to avoid major leaks to occur. Gutters. These are designed to gather water pouring off your roofing system, channel it to the downspouts, and drain it away from your premises. Because of their open nature, however, they easily

Know Your Roof: All About Roofing Underlayment - West Side Roofing

By Westside Roofing
April 13, 2017 Category: Roofing Material

Know Your Roof: All About Roofing Underlayment Your roofing system is your homes first line of protection against the elements, thats why its essential to maintain its best condition. To determine what your roof needs, it pays to understand the functions of its basic components. This includes the underlayment. The underlayment is a membrane installed on the roof deck. It acts as a secondary barrier to safeguard your roof from the elements while allowing the deck to release moisture. When water manages to seep through the shingles, this component prevents its infiltration to preserve your roofs integrity. Let West Side Roofing discuss its different types. Asphalt-Saturated Felt This is the most common type of underlayment applied on residential steep-slope applications. It is either made from organic or fiberglass substrate. It comes in two thicknesses, namely, 15- and 30-pound, with the latter more resistant to damage. Roofers secure the felt with staples, but in high-wind areas,

Creating Elegant Roofs With Laminated Shingles - West Side Roofing

By Westside Roofing
April 06, 2017 Category: Roofing Material

Creating Elegant Roofs With Laminated Shingles As a prominent part of your homes exterior, your roofing system can greatly influence curb appeal. It can either accentuate your homes style or give it an entirely different look. When aiming for a classy yet affordable design, consider choosing laminated shingles for your next roof replacement. What Are Laminated Shingles? Laminated shingles are usually referred to as architectural, composite, or dimensional because of their construction and appearance. Unlike three-tab shingles, they are made from multiple layers of fiberglass to offer greater depth and dimension. Manufacturers then apply mineral granules on top for added texture. Roofers recommend this due to their exclusive appeal minus the high costs. They can emulate the authentic look of wood shake, tile, and slate, giving homeowners a variety of options. What Are Their Advantages? The added thickness on laminated shingles equates to better durability since they have more surface

Infographics: A Quick Look at Roofing Warranties

By Westside Roofing
April 05, 2017 Category: Warranty

Infographics: A Quick Look at Roofing Warranties Warranties are integral to making the most of your investment: your new roof. Thats why its important to know all you can about roofing warranties.

The Benefits of GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

By Westside Roofing
March 30, 2017 Category: Warranty

The Benefits of GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty Nearly every product in every industry has a warranty in one form or another, that lack of one is a cause for concern. When it comes to new roofing, however, having a warranty for the sake of having one isnt enough. In fact, the challenge is to provide exceptional, industry-leading roofing coverage to homeowners. As a GAF Master Elite contractor, West Side Roofing is among the few roofers who offer such, through the GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty. Types of Roofing Warranties The ideal roofing warranty should cover two parts: material and workmanship. Material or factory warranty covers problems that may arise from factory defects, with the manufacturer processing the claims. Workmanship or installation warranties cover problems from installation errors, with the contractor fulfilling warranty claims. Coverage varies depending on the contractor, but some dont even offer it at all. GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

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