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GAF Warranties: Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

West Side Roofing Co. is one of the few GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractors in Cleveland, Ohio. This coveted title gives allows us to offer our customers GAF's top-of-the-line roofing systems on top of professional services. Working with our team also allows you to take advantage of the strongest roofing warranties in the industry.

GAF Warranties | Westside Roofing

Here, we answer your frequently asked question about GAF's warranties.

Q: Why Should I Get a Warranty?

The warranty is basically what protects your new roofing system from things beyond your control, such as material and workmanship defects. There's little chance that you'll have a problem with your GAF roofing, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. If you were to have a problem with your roof, after all, it's going to end up costing a lot without a warranty.

Q: What Coverages Should I Look For?

There are two types of roofing coverage: material and workmanship coverage. Some warranties only offer one variant of the coverage; shop around for better warranties since problems stemming from poor workmanship are urgent concerns.

Q: What's The Highest Warranty GAF Offers, and What Does It Feature?

The Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty is GAF's highest warranty available, and arguably one of the strongest warranties in the whole roofing industry. It offers 100% material coverage for a period of 50 years, along with a lifetime coverage for the cost of installation and the roofing system. Unlike other warranties, GAF's Golden Pledge also covers workmanship coverage for a period of 25 years. We always recommend getting this warranty if you want peace of mind on your new roofing system.

West Side Roofing Co. is one of the few GAF Master Elite roofing companies in our region. Give us a call at (216) 245-1050 for more information on the warranties we offer. Our roofing contractors serve customers throughout Cleveland, Ohio.

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