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What's The Perfect Color For Your Roofing?

Your roofing contributes to around 40% of your home's frontage. The right color can really bring out the aesthetic appeal of your home's largest structure, so it's important that you pick the right one. In this post, West Side Roofing Co. discusses how to pick the perfect color for your roof.

Perfect Color Roofing for Home | Westside Roofing

Shingle Color and Architectural Style

As a general rule, make sure the color for your shingles should be appropriate to your home's architectural design. Some roof colors only apply to a certain home design, after all. Mediterranean-style homes, for example, look better with orange color roofing.

If you have a brick house, our roofers suggest you base your roofing color on that. The color of your roofing can be changed, but not the bricks. The roofing color should blend well with the color of your brick.

Know When to Get Dark or Light Colored Roofing

Light colored roofing is generally the better choice, because lighter colors reflect sunlight while darker colors absorb it. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should always get lighter colored roofing. If your siding and exterior wall covering have light colors, then your roofing should have a darker shade.

To keep your home cool, though, you can always get a lighter shade of dark color. For instance, if you want blue, you can always pick a lighter shade so your roofing reflects some sunlight away from your home.

View Your New Color In All Types of Light

Finally, it's always a good idea to check the color of your new roofing in all types of light. Check out your new shingle color in both the shade and when direct light is striking it; that way, you have a better idea if the color you pick is really right for your home.

Need help picking the right roofing color for your home? Give us a call at (216) 245-1050 for more information on our services. Our roofers serve customers throughout Cleveland, Akron, and Parma, OH, as well as other parts of Ohio.

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