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Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Roofing System Reliable – Part 3: Making the Most of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement can be a significant investment that's why it's the last option many homeowners consider. Unfortunately, there are instances when a replacement is unavoidable.

Top 3 Ways Keep Roofing System Reliable Part 3 Making Roof Replacement

Are You Due for a Replacement?

There are certain factors you have to take into consideration to decide, including:

  1. The level of roof damage you're dealing with – If half your roof is already gone, there's no going around that. Roofing experts can do wonders patching up a roof, but there's a time to admit that there are things that repair work can't solve.
  2. Your roof's age – Service lives vary from one roofing material to another, but if your roofing system is nearing the end, even when it hasn't failed completely, you should consider roof replacement. Old roofs will have deteriorated over time so they're no longer as good at withstanding the elements as when they were new. This means you're likelier to see problems down the line, which will need repairing.  Given the frequent repairs you might face, it may be more practical to get a replacement.

So You Need Roof Replacement – What's Next?

Make sure you find a reliable roofer first. Since you'll be making a sizeable investment getting a new roof, you're going to want to make sure that your roofing project is in good, capable hands. There won't be a shortage of roofers for you to choose from, but your challenge is narrow down your options.

To get started, you can do your own research by checking out trade sites online, or you can ask friends and neighbors for referrals. Either way, you should get initial feedback on how it's like working with a certain roofer so you can quickly have an idea if you'd like to add them to your list. At the very least, make sure your prospective roofer is licensed, insured, experienced and certified by roofing manufacturers.

Next, it's time to choose a roofing material. Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose to go with your old roofing material or pick out a new one. Take the time to get to know which options are available to you so you can make an informed choice. Should you have questions, don't hesitate to let your roofing contractor know. After inspecting your home, they should have recommendations for you to consider as well.

Once you decide on your roofing material and you and your roofing contractor have ironed out other details for the project, your roof replacement should be underway.

You rely largely on your roofing system to protect your home so you need it to be reliable. By employing roof repairs, inspections, maintenance and replacements properly, you should be able to ensure that your roofing system is at its best at all times. 

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