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West Side Roofing skylights in roofs | Cleveland, OhioSkylight Repair, Replace, and Installs in Cleveland, Ohio

Skylights are a popular feature that many homeowners want to have. At West Side Roofing, we have years of experience working with all different kinds of skylights, whether they are old and need to be repaired, if you are getting a new roof and you already have a skylight, or if you want to have a skylight added to your home. No matter what the case is, West Side Roofing has you covered. No pun intended!

The majority the skylights that we run into are ones that are currently with the home itself whether it's with replacing skylights, with a new roof system, or if they have a problem with the skylights it's leaking for instance and needs to be replaced.

Repair an Existing Skylight

West Side Roofing can repair your skylight | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

As you can see in the photo above, we took out the old skylight so we could get down to the wood to make sure there is no deterioration or rot in the roof. Then we actually do replace the roofing around the skylight as well to reinforce the new skylight and avoid any future issues. 

West Side Roofing can replace your skylight | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

In this photo, you can see the shiny black protective layer around the window. That is 
an ice guard ice, we put that around all the all edges of the skylight to protect your home from ice and water from leaking through the skylight.

The next step is to install the skylight itself. You can see the white layer there is another ice and water shield.

Then we install the skylight flashing kit, which is the metal around the skylight. 

West Side Roofing can repair your skylight | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

Then the final step is to make sure the new shingles match the rest of the roof. We can always find shingles to match the color on your current roof, especially if they are newer, we can sometimes even find the exact shingle.

Replacing Skylights on  Flat Roofs

West Side Roofing can repair your skylight on a flat roof | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

Working with a skylight on a flat roof is a little bit more involved. In this case, the previous contractor decided to build up the skylight, which is kind of a no no in the skylight world. We have definitely worked with this before, but it requires a different process.

West Side Roofing can repair your skylight on a flat roof | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

When we were repairing these skylights, we decided to flatten the windows so that they were more parallel with the roof and not built up on an angle.

West Side Roofing can repair your skylight on a flat roof | Cleveland,OH | Roofing

We built new custom curb mounts, which is the wood around the window. As a result, the skylights are still elevated above the roof, but they are flatter, so it protects against leaks. 

Likewise, we installed new roof around the windows and used the double layer ice guard to further protect against leaks.

If you are interested in getting a skylight installed or repairing/ replacing a current skylight, contact us at West Side Roofing. We can answer any questions you have about the process and how we will work with your roof specifically.

West Side Roofing skylights in roofs | Cleveland, Ohio

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