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Best Architectural Matches for Slate and Tile

In the world of roofing, nothing is more iconic than slate and tile roofs. Used for centuries, most, if not all, traditional homes have these materials as a quintessential element.

Best Architectural Matches for Slate and Tile | West Side Roofing

Wonder if any of these classic choices would work well with your home? West Side Roofing shares the architectural styles where slate and tiles look perfect:

Colonial, European, and French Chateau Homes

All Cleveland roofers who know their history would tell you slate is the ultimate choice for these home styles. Monotone or multi-colored, a slate-clad roof lends Colonials, European, and French homes their character. Perfect for pitched roof types, slate is excellent in waterproofing your home. It endures snow and doesn't absorb water, making it ideal for Northeast Ohio's diverse climate. It stays resilient against extreme temperature fluctuations as well, allowing it to last for more than century without developing structural damage.

Mediterranean-Style Homes

Any architectural style that traces its roots in Spain, Italy, Portugal, and other parts of the Mediterranean region is big on tile roofing. Usually in red, half-tubed tiles are designed for maximum water-shedding and ventilation. Their shape channels water down to the ground easily, and the air pocket in each tile's tunnel promotes air circulation. Experienced Akron roofers attest to the strength and longevity of roof tiles. With occasional maintenance, they can live for generations without showing signs of aging. Like slate, they're made from naturally occurring materials that can stand against the harshest of the elements.

Other Architectural Styles

Thanks to modern technology, slate and tiles are no longer limited to their historical architectural matches. They now come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Some even resemble the look of wood shakes, making them more aesthetically versatile than ever. If you love the toughness of slate or tiles, but not their old-world appearance, we can recreate their style in refreshing ways to suit your home. Entrust your roof replacement to one of the few roofers in Parma, Ohio, that specializes in both slate and tile roofing. Call West Side Roofing today at (216) 245-1050 and tell us how you'd like your new roof.

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