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The housing marketing is fluctuating. Maybe you’re just about to purchase your first home or looking to get a new roof. What should you look for in a roof when buying a home, replacing your old roof, or roofing in general? 

Asking The Right Questions 

The first thing to do is get an inspector. We here at West Side Roofing always recommend an inspection by a professional. Roofing is one of your big expenses for repair or replacement, so getting a proper inspection is key to the longevity of your roof. But questions should be asked? We would suggest asking first the age of the house, that's important. How many roofs are on the home? Is there anything buckled, plywood shingles missing or lifted, or is there leaking or moisture issues on the inside of the home?

Roof Life Expectancy 

In Northeast Ohio, the lifespan for a roof is typically 17 years on the early side. Sometimes roofs can last up to 25 years or more if properly taken care of. 

For roof longevity, you also have to look at your roof’s location. There are a lot of wear and tear factors that can come into play, but the normal total roof life expectancy is typically 17 - 25 years. 

West Side Roofing Professionals 

Whenever you’re ready to have a roofing professional come out and inspect your roof, West Side Roofing can help. We'll take a look and give you our opinion on it. 

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In need of a roofing repair, replacemnet or inspection? Contact West Side Roofing today and we will make sure you get the most bang out of your buck!

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West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers

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