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new gazebo roof from West Side Roofing in Cleveland, Ohio

Unique and Specialty Roofs in Cleveland, Ohio

Do you have a unique or specialty roof that needs repaired, replaced, or even straight-up built from the ground up? West Side Roofing has the experience and the know-how to make your unique roof look as good as if it were an everyday project!

The Backbone of West Side Roofing

We have a collection of crews who specialize in different types of roofing like residential roofs, commercial roofs, church roofs and different aspects of a roof such as, chimney flashing, condo roofs, porch roofs, and even gazebo roofs. Our diverse skillset allows us to complete even the most unique roofing projects! 

Unique Gazebo Roof Replace

An example of one of our most unique and most fun projects was the gazebo in the center of a condo complex. The old roof on this gazebo was old, rotting, and falling apart. They asked us to come in and repair it, but we knew it had to be replaced entirely due to the poor foundation on the roof. 
 new gazebo roof from West Side Roofing in Cleveland, Ohio
We tore the old roof off and replaced the foundation with new nice 1x12 wood plank board to create a solid surface for the roof that also looks very clean and new underneath. From there, we put shingles on each layer of the gazebo roof that matched those on the actual condos. If you see the top of the gazebo, it looks like a very tiny roof, and we just cut down the shingles we were working with to make a small roof to top of the gazebo.
This specialty project was a quick one-day job that we had a blast doing and couldn't have done without our specialty crews!

If you have a roof no matter how big, small, unique, or standard, we can offer our knowledge and repair or replace it to make it look exactly how you want. Contact us at West Side Roofing with any questions about our projects or to get started on your unique roof today!

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West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers
West Side Roofing, Cleveland OH Roofers

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