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Residential Roof Tear off and CleanupResidential roof tear-off and cleanup

A roof tear off is one of the biggest residential service we offer home and condo owners. If we find that your roof only has one layer of shingle down, we're going to recommend an entire tear-off. 

A complete tear-off can get messy. When it comes time to remove your roof, there is typically a ton of nails, a bunch of debris from the shingles - it's the biggest part of the job. To keep your yard clean, we put protective grounds down. We use tarps, plywood, we'll lean sheeting board on the house to cover over top of the bushes - we really just take the extra precautionary steps so that nothing gets damaged during the tear-off process.

Equipter | West Side RoofingOne thing that has really revolutionized the tear-off process is the equipter. We have invested in numerous equipters to keep our job sites clean. What is an equipter? An equipter is a mobile trash/dumpster unit. This allows us to actually drive a dumpster around the property and move around to where we are removing your shingles. The equipter makes disposal painless. When it comes time to dive the equipter around your property it is nice if the lawn is somewhat dry to drive around on, if not - then we'll have to put down a protective layer of plywood will help so that you don't trash the lawn. 

What's really nice about the equipter is that the unit can elevate up to 16-ft high and has a ramp that kicks off the back so that the shingle debris goes right into the dumpster. Once the equipter is full, you can take it to the driveway or the street where your other dumpster is located, and empty the equipter. Then the trash unit, the equipter, can go back to the job site, get the debris and bring it out. This has really changed the roofing business. The equipter is like it's own little worker. It takes the place of about 3-roofers, cleaning up the grounds for the day. It really just ensures that everything is kept clean and the tear-off process runs smoothly, your yard is clean, and it's a comfortable setting - keeping nails away from children, pets. We go the extra mile to make sure your safe. 

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If you need a new roof or roof repair, give West Side Roofing a call. They'll be sure to keep your lawn clean, especially during the tear-off process, with this new equipter.

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