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West Side Roofing offers flexible no interest financing options | Cleveland,OH

Financing Options with West Side Roofing

At Westside Roofing, we specialize in both commercial and residential roofing all over the Cleveland area. Since 1931, we have been serving both westside and eastside, making sure we always get the job done right. However, we do specialize in something else, something that most other roofing companies do not: saving you money and making roofing affordable to all!

We understand that getting a new roof or even fixing up an old roof, is an expensive and huge life decision. That is why we want to offer as many financing options as possible to better serve our valued customers. 

Ways to Pay

We offer the standard payment options such as cash, check, and credit card (including American Express). However, our most popular financial option is a twelve-month payment plan through Dollar Bank.

This twelve-month financing option is extremely popular because it is straightforward and effortless, and it saves our customers a lot of money. It works just like a credit card. You start with a ten to fifteen-minute conversation with Dollar Bank to apply for your card. During this conversation, you'll find out if you are approved and then they send your card in the mail. From there you treat it as a credit card but with no interest and no hidden fees. You will take the number from the card and give it to us. Once we process your payment, you will get all the info in the mail. It's just a way to lessen the initial expense for such a big investment.

The nice thing about this payment option is if for whatever reason in those twelve months if you cannot pay off that entire sum, Dollar Dank only penalize you on what you have left to pay and not on the initial amount. So that's big if something comes up during that could possibly render you unable to make full payments. It's a little perk that we wanted to put in there to reassure and better serve our customers.

We know that roofing can be a big project. It's one of the most important investments you make in your home, so we're trying to give our customers just so many options available. If you are getting a new roof or doing a large roofing project and you need some help with financing, contact us and ask about our payment options, including our twelve-month financing through Dollar Bank!

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West Side Roofing offers flexible no interest financing options | Cleveland,OH

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