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Does this look familiar? West Side Roofing can give you the best advice on how to fix these problems! Whether it’s re-flashing or replacing, we work with residential and commercial skylights to make sure all our customers questions and concerns are met in the best way.

Flashing Skylights

The importance of flashing skylights is often ignored and its installation is sometimes minimized especially in poor roofing practices. Flashing a skylight takes time and detail. All to often, an installer can easily cut corners leaving the homeowner susceptible to future problems and leaks.

Leak barrier (ice guard) is a self-adhering membrane that is installed around the entire skylight. This membrane is critical to installing water-tight joints and corners. Leak barriers are applied directly to the roof deck before any flashing or window is put in place.

Skylight-Installation Skylight-Installation-2

Each skylight comes with a flashing “kit”; which is fabricated pieces of aluminum specifically designed to fit the skylight being installed. These pieces, along with individual (L-shaped) step tins, create a uniform cap around the skylight. Overall, the flashing is used to seal and protect the joints in a window from water penetration by directing the flow of water/ice away.


West Side Roofing offers a number of different products and warranties through our preferred dealer!

  • Fixed skylights
  • Vented skylights
  • Sun tunnels