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How You Can Benefit From Slate and Tile Roofs

Aesthetically speaking, tile and slate roofs are some of the most appealing roofing materials. Their rustic yet classy look can add a distinctive, vintage flavor to how your property looks like from the street. Nonetheless, their timeless beauty isn’t all they have. West Side Roofing, one of the leading roofers in the Buckeye State, explains the key features of these two roofing types.

How You Can Benefit From Slate and Tile Roofs

Slate Roofing

Famous for its beautiful appearance, a slate roof has some huge upsides. Many people invest in this type of roofing material because of its natural look. It also comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to fit the architectural requirement of your home. Moreover, slate roofs are often available in gray, green, purple, black, red and other colors.

When properly constructed, slate roofing systems can last for at least a century. That, however, depends on many factors, including regular roof maintenance and prompt repair. Get in touch with your local roofers to perform this maintenance.

Tile Roofing

Similar to slate, tile roofing can last up to 100 years. They are heavier than typical roofing materials, but that’s something to expect in a high-quality building material. This roofing option can also withstand hail, high winds and even fire.

Additionally, tile roofing is energy efficient because they help regulate indoor temperature. People who lean toward green building products can also benefit from it. This type of roof is recyclable and can even help reduce construction waste. Plus, it doesn’t demand regular upkeep since they are impervious to leaks.

West Side Roofing is one of the few roofers that offer a varied stock of roofing materials to suit your needs, whether they be slate or tile or even more unconventional types. For more information about our material inventory, call us today at (216) 245-1050. We serve residents of Ohio, including Cleveland and Akron.