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How Roof Leaks Damage Your Home

Roof leaks, big or small, can be extremely destructive. They may seem harmless when all that you see are water spots, but don't this issue lightly as leaks can damage your home in many ways.

How Roof Leaks Damage Your Home

Most professional roofers, including West Side Roofing, would attest that these are the biggest dangers of a leaky roofing system:

Compromised Structural

Integrity Let's start with the obvious: leaks can lead to water damage. Constant exposure of building materials to moisture can cause paint to peel, wall cladding to buckle, metal to corrode and wood to decay. If you store items in the attic, they would be the first victims of water intrusion. Long-standing water can also put stress on the ceiling and make it cave in, damaging your valuables in the process.

Soaking the Insulation

Did your energy bills go through the roof? Experienced roofers say that wet insulation might be the culprit. Attic insulation clumps when exposed to water, reducing its ability to reduce heat transfer. Until it dries out and reverts to its optimum performance, your home's thermal enclosure system would lose one of its key elements. Chronic water infiltration can severely deplete insulation, potentially resulting in premature replacement.

Setting the Stage for Mold Growth

Mold feasts on the sugar and starch of wood, paper, natural fiber textiles and other cellulosic building material. In warm and moist environments, it can grow rapidly and spread throughout your home through the air. Uncontrolled mold growth can ultimately cause property damage, which might not be covered by your home insurance.

Starting a Fire

Reputable roofers would warn you that a roof leak is a fire hazard. When water comes in contact with electrical wiring, it can lead to a fire when there's damaged insulation. But even if your insulation is in good shape, the water can seep into the metal junction boxes and become electrically charged upon touching uncovered wires.

Let West Side Roofing help you head off the effects of roof leakage. Call us at (216) 245-1050 now to talk about your roofing needs in Akron, Cleveland or Parma, OH, and get a free estimate.

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