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West Side Roofing Specializes in Roof Repair for Home, Large Buildings, and Churches

By West Side Roofing
July 19, 2019 Category: Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, Emergency Roofing

West Side Roofing Specializes in Roof Repairs for Homes, Large Buildings, and Churches Many people think that West Side Roofing only works on the west side of Cleveland, but we are licensed in 42 municipalities throughout the Cleveland area. A lot of people also think that we only specialize in full-on roof replacement. However, many of the jobs we do are smaller scale roof repairs. So, no matter where you are in Cleveland and whether you need a new roof or a repair, West Side Roofing has you covered. Cleveland Roof Repair Specialist We specialize in a variety of roof repairs and replacements, including residential, commercial, and even churches. We have a great portfolio on our website that showcases our abilities to fix and/ or replace your roof. A roof is a big investment in your home. Replacing a roof can be expensive, and that is why we offer repairs. Many times, homeowners or business owners are not ready to replace their roof, so we help them by repairing the problemed areas,

Common Questions About Roof Repair and Replacement

By West Side Roofing
June 28, 2019 Category: Roofing, Roof Repair, Roof Replacement, What To Expect, New Roof

Common Questions About Roof Repair/Replacement | Cleveland, Ohio There are a lot of questions and concerns we, at West Side Roofing, receive from customers all the time. Our job is to make you feel as informed and as comfortable as possible with the process of you getting your new roof or roof repair! This is why we are taking the time to answer the three most common question we are asked from homeowners! 1) How Do You Protect the Home During a Roof Repair or Replacement? Preparing: Roof replacement or repair is an invasive project. Your home is technically a construction site for the time that we are there. There can be multiple hazards such as nails or debris falling from the roof. This is why we take every precaution to ensure you know, and our team knows how to be safe during the process. When we come in, we set up tarps around the site and sometimes even inside the home. We do warn the customer ahead of time that particle debris can drop into the attic depending on how your

Roof Replacement Shouldn't Hurt with Rusty Nails

By West Side Roofing
January 24, 2019 Category: Roof Replacement, Equipment

Roof Replacements Shouldnt Hurt with Rusty Nails If youre anything like us here at West Side Roofing, your family matters the most. And with that comes the safety and security of your children. Before choosing the correct contractor to replace your roof, think about what you might have to live with for years on the ground and not up on your roof after its done. Most people dont really think about this one simple thing nails.Thats right rusty old nails that fall onto the ground during a roof tear-off. If you choose the wrong contractor, this could cause you months and maybe even years of heartache in your yard. The last thing anybody wants is an unsafe yard for your pets, children and even yourself. Thats why choosing the right roofing contractor matters more than just the installation and beauty of your roof. The Proper Equipment for Roof Tear-Off and Replacements Have you ever heard of an Equipter? Dont worry most people have not. Imagine something similar to a dumpster that hydraulically

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