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6 Reasons to Invest in a Copper Roof

By West Side Roofing
March 15, 2017 Category: Custom Designs

6 Reasons to Invest in a Copper Roof Many consider copper to be the most beautiful option among metal roofing materials and is the only material that, like fine wine, becomes better as it ages. West Side Roofing is among the few roofing contractors in Ohio who offer copper roofing services. Here are its unique benefits. Copper roofs boost curb appeal Copper roofs give homes a guaranteed boost in curb appeal, which doesnt diminish over time. This is due to the blue-green patina that develops from oxidization, which begins as soon as the roof is exposed to oxygen. The process can occur in as little as nine months. Copper roofs are low-maintenance While metal roofs are known for having low-maintenance requirements, copper roofs require even less. The development of patina, for instance, may be similar to rust in metal roofs, but it doesnt corrode or weaken the roof; in fact, they dont even require paint or any other kind of coating for protection. A copper roof can remain untouched

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